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Industrial Immersion Bridging Module


learning objectives 

At the end of this course, students will be able to: 

  • Perform Exercise Programming and Assessment
  • Apply Pre participation screening 
  • Perform of Cardiovascular Workout 
  • Perform in a supportive role for Kickboxing Coaching 
  • Develop and apply a Kickboxing Lesson Plan implementation 
Professional Accreditations

National Instructors & Coaches Association, NTU Alumni Club, Aviva Privilege Program.

In supporting National Instructors & Coaches Association (NICA), NTU Alumni Club and Avivia members with skills deepening programmes for NROC coaches and Fitness Instructors such as the courses offered by Maximum Wellness.


  • Aspects of Exercise Programming and Assessment
    • Categorisation of physical fitness and Components of fitness
    • Benefits of a comprehensive fitness program
    • Health and fitness professionals
      • Qualification background
      • Code of conduct
      • Basic first aid and CPR + AED
    •  Seminar on Pre participation screening
      • Risk stratification
      • Informed consent
      • Subject interview
    •  Aspects of Cardiovascular Workout 
      • Metabolic and Injury, Sedentary, Functional and Hypertrophic training in Sport and Exercise
      • Kickboxing Movements and Strikes
      • Kickboxing Lesson planning, prescription and evaluation 
    • Kickboxing Coach support 
    • Kickboxing Lesson Plan implementation 
    class size and delivery

    The average trainer/student ratio is 1 : 20 (lecture) The average trainer/student ratio is 1 : 20 (tutorial/practical)

    Learning Assessments 
    • Formative; lesson planning 
    • Summative; Demonstration and quiz

    With a valid Certified Fitness and Aerobic Kickboxing Leader Training (Provisional) mayaccess to coach in 109 community centres, 17 sports stadium and are eligible to apply for professional registrations with National Instructors & Coaches Association (NICA) and National Registry of Exercise Professionals (NREP). Associate Coaches earn between 80 and 100 dollars an hour. 


    Duration & Intakes

    Full time application 

    • Duration: 1 day (6hours)
    • Monthly course intake from January to December 2023. Upcoming dates: Last Weekend of each Month 

    Part time application 

    Not Available - 

    Fees & Structure


    Full Fee $180 +  Application fees: $100 inclusive in course fee. Total $180.


    # All application fees are non-refundable.
    # All fees quoted does not require GST

    Grants and discounts
    • Corporate Rates 15 pax above (Contact to enquire)

    Entry Requirements

    All applicants must be of age 18 and above, and meet at least all of the following 

    • Language competency GCE N Levels
    • Former or Current athletes, sports and fitness coaches/instructors/trainers

    Attain a Certificate in Fitness and Aerobic Kickboxing Leader Training (Provisional)

    Participants shall attain the Industrial Immersion Bridging Module and move forward to the Certified Fitness and Aerobic Kickboxing Leader Training (Provisional) Course.

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