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>100 Highly Qualified Professionals

Personal Coaching Rates:
  • Free Fitness Assessment Worth $120
  • Price Plan: 60 mins = $120 (Maximum 2 trainees)
  • Up to 90 mins = $200 (Individual)
  • Twice per week 90 mins = $150  (Individual)
Corporate Coaching Rates:
  • Two sessions at $400 (Feb 2024)
  • Price Plan: 60 mins
  • Sports Trainer Ratio 1: 30 
  • Customisable Plans Available

Basic Activity 

Fitness Muay Thai 

"Hard Style", This programme focuses on the overall fitness capacity of participants. Training goal includes improving fitness performance by means of Anaerobic training which uses fast twitch muscles to deliver high impact strikes, attacks that is both offensive and defensive and is an excellent way to keep fit while building one's self defence strategy and confidence. This programme has Influences of traditional Martial Arts that stems from Muay Thai and Taekwondo. Kickboxing Fitness has International notoriety and in Singapore is designed by Van Ram Master Trainer.

Aerobic Kickboxing

Soft Style", This Fitness workout activity derives from the term "Aerobics As Physical Activity". Aerobics was coined by Kenneth H. Cooper, M.D., an exercise physiologist, and Col. Pauline Potts, a physical therapist, both from United States Air Force. Kickboxing is a specific sport blended with Aerobic exercise to improve the cardiovascular system. Kickboxing Aerobics (KB Aerobics) is a popular physical activity and an entry level workout suitable for all populations that gradually increases fitness ability. It has International notoriety and in Singapore is designed by Van Ram Master Trainer.


Get to know your trainers. They attended the 2-day certified course thereafter achieved more than 50 hours of corporate coaching in multiple organisations, earning an average 80 - 100 dollars an hour with multiple registrations including Ministry of Education, National Instructors and Coaches Association NICA, SportSG, ActiveSG, Peoples' Association, armed with a Standard First Aid, CPR and AED for environmental and physical activity safeguards while performing exercise.

Special Collaboration with
Nanyang Technological University Alumni Club,
NTU 2021

Advanced Certifications for Industry

Shawn Adv Cert, Trainee MT

Ray, Adv Cert  

 John, Adv Cert

 Kendrick, Adv Cert

 Melissa Adv Cert

Alice Adv Cert

Nicole, Adv Cert


Generational Leaders

PIONEERING FITNESS. FIRST INDEPENDENT PROGRAMME IN SINGAPORE, First Certified Fitness and Aerobic Kickboxing Leader (Provisional) Course and New Launches in Fitness Muay Thai and MMA. 

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